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T.R. Elks 1875 - 2023 Horseshoe League Rules

1.     Cost per player is $40.00 for season, which is paid before season starts.

2.     Substitutes pay $5.00 per night.

3.     All divisions play to 21.

4.     Teams must have one regular player present.

5.     Game times are 7:00, 7:45, 8:30. If a team is not present they  will lose a game  every 10 minutes they are late. Please try to arrive 15 minutes  before your start time.

5a.    Warm up will only consist of each player throwing 4 shoes each as courtesy to next                time slot. 

6.     You must win by 2 points.

7.     Ask any neutral player for a ruling on close shoes.

8.     Subs are allowed all season, but none in the playoffs and finals.

9.      If a team has a sub they only get 50% handicap.

10.   Teams are responsible to get subs as needed.

11.   A player must be an ELK or a spouse of an Elk to play or sub.

12.   If shoe hits concrete or wood it is a dead shoe and should be removed  from pit.   

13.   Handicap is figured by your PLACE in standings not your POSITION.  Example: 2nd place               playing 6th place, 6-2=4. The 6th place team gets 4 points  every game, with a max of 6             points.

14.   The team getting points shoots first every game.

15.   Ties in standings, the lower team number will set your position for  Position night                         (Bumper night).

16.   For tournament play the handicap will be based on where a team is  seeded.

17.   Foul lines, you must start at or behind the stake and are allowed one step  from the stake.

18.   After playing your games you must write the stats {W or L} on the schedule posted.         IF YOU DO NOT, WE ARE NOT BIAS SO WE WILL ASSUME YOU REALLY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR STATS SO EACH TEAM WILL GET 1 1/2 WINS JUST TO KEEP IT FAIR.

updated 4/12/23.

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